Title: Globalization, Socio-Economic and Political Development in Nigeria
Author(s): WOSU Madubuchi & OBUZOR E. Mezewo
Abstract: Globalization which has encouraged a shift in governance of the world away from a single focus on the state system to a multi-laid complex of rule-making and order, has created uniformity and brought about certain effects on the polity and Africa at large. Politics now lack a clear centre of command or control of the kind previously provided. Although, globalization could be seen to often bring about possibilities for ensuring democratic governance. The concept of sovereignty has continued to be important in politics especially for the purposes of national self- determination in the face of globalization. The effects of globalization on governance and political development can be viewed from the unequal opportunities in terms of finances and restriction on economic policies. Therefore, there is domination of the economy by profit and hegemony seeking trans-national corporations that portrays the emergence of a non-productive local elite that are corrupt, instable and fractionalized. The aim of this work is to assertion the concept of globalization and its implications on Nigeria socio-economic and political development. However, the divesting activities of the multinational corporatizing and other agents of globalization have been critically examined. One major factor explosive on the Nigeria's development is the subversion of multinationals on our cultural and political values, a cultural and political setting that are westernized. It is therefore, within this context that the work examines the extent to which globalization has affected the socio-economic and political developments in Nigeria. This study used library and other published materials as the source of data, and recommends that Nigeria should embrace globalization and look inwards to develop her socio-economic awareness.
Keywords: Globalization, Governance, Socio-Economic, Political Development

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