Title: Internal Party Democracy and the Election of Candidates: An Analysis of The 2019 General Elections in Nigeria
Author(s): OMORO Joseph Oke & JACOB Ogedi
Abstract: Internal party democracy is very necessary in a representative democracy. It promotes democratic principles like accountability, transparency, inclusivity, participation and representation. It presents a bottom-up approach in the building of party structures and organisations in a manner that promotes internal distribution of power and diffusion of authorities at different levels. In the buildup to the 2019 general elections in Nigeria, the media have reported cases of party defections, litigations, rancour and acrimony amongst party members due to alleged disagreement on sundry matters such as the selection of candidates for the general elections. This study, therefore, interrogated internal party democracy andthe selection of candidates: An analysis of the 2019 general elections in Nigeria. The objective was to identify how internal party democracy or lack of it in the selection of candidates for the 2019 general elections affected the political parties in the actualization of their primary functions in a democracy. The research design was ex-post facto design and the data were obtained through secondary sources. The framework of analysis was the theory of prebendalism which guided the study. The study recommended among other things that political parties in Nigeria should be made to develop along ideological lines to reduce the spate of inter-party defections.
Keywords: Internal democracy, Inter-party defections, Representative democracy, Selection of candidates

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