Title: Recruitment Process, Methods of Training and Future Aspirations of Apprentices in the Informal Auto-mechanics Training System In Anyigba, Nigeria
Author(s): AJIBADE David
Abstract: This paper specifically examined recruitment process, methods of training and future aspirations of apprentices in the informal auto-mechanics training system in Anyigba, Nigeria. The study population comprised of auto- mechanic apprentices and their masters. The study adopted multi-stage sampling approach, purposive and simple random sampling techniques. Data were collected using oral interviews and direct observational methods. The data collected were analyzed using descriptive and content analytical techniques. The results of the study show that recruitment of the apprentices into auto-mechanic apprenticeship training began with the signing of training agreement between the workshop owner and apprentices' guarantors who may be their parents, guardians or relations; while the apprentices are only made to pledge their cooperation with their masters for training which is done by the masters using oral instruction, demonstration and try-out methods. Findings further show that majority of the apprentices aspired to open their own auto-mechanic workshops and become bosses on their own after graduation. These findings however have implications for apprenticeship training and the Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment in Nigeria. In view of this, since apprenticeship system is an educational process that provides other sectors with the scarce skilled workers it needs, the ministry should introduce strategies such as retraining programme for master craftsperson in the auto-mechanics trade to update and upgrade their knowledge and skills as this will also indirectly benefit their apprentices. In addition, Government should provide take off grants far graduates of auto-mechanics apprenticeships to purchase necessary tools needed to start up their own workshops, as majority of them were found to be from poor and polygamous family with household size of nine (9) and above.
Keywords: Recruitment process, Training methods, Future aspirations, Apprentices, Anyigba, Nigeria

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