Title: The Visual Framing of Boko Haram in Nigerian Newspapers and Twitter
Author(s): JOE Chidiebere Sarah
Abstract: This paper examines the representation of Boko Haram using images in selected Nigerian newspapers and on Twitter between January 1 and June 30, 2017. The concourse of 1,640 is analysed using quantitative and qualitative content analysis. The Computer-assisted Cluster Analysis (CHCA) led to the identification of three visual frames (Chibok Girls, War and Social Consequences) while the MCDA facilitated the deeper reading of the structural features of images in the respective clusters. Findings from this study indicate that the Chibok Girls are the primary visual synecdoche of Boko Haram and thus, the dominant culturally resonating symbol of the impact of the group in the studied platforms.This paper argues that the three visual frames embody aspects of the Boko Haram discourse, which political actors deemed necessary to highlight or exclude and as such are capable of shaping public understanding and policies about the group. This research responds to the dearth of Boko Haram networked framing research and the paucity of visual framing studies.
Keywords: Boko Haram, Nigerian Newspapers, Visual Framing, Chibak Girls, Netwarked Framing

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